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  • Athena Tissue Culture Kit

    Athena Tissue Culture Kit

    Athena Tissue Culture Kit is revolutionizing the way we conserve and improve our favorite genetics. The Athena Tissue Culture Kit was developed through extensive research and development at Jungle Boys' state-of-the-art tissue culture laboratory in the heart of Los Angeles. Tissue Culture Kit allows you to store and…

  • Gastro Pop Vol. 2 Compound Genetics

    Gastro Pop Vol. 2 Compound Genetics

    Gastro Pop is the Compound Genetics variety that has been giving the most talk in recent months. Coming from the cross between Apples & Bananas x Grape Gasoline, this genetics is loaded with a powerful fruity aroma with gaseous vapors that make you fall in love at first puff. Now we are going to be lucky enough to enjoy in Spain…

  • the fantastic history of Chile Verde

    the fantastic history of Chile Verde

    As many of you know, Chile Verde is one of those varieties that you come across suddenly one day and it changes your way of thinking. It is a variety with an aromatic profile so different from the other varieties that it will mark you forever. But the story behind this variety is not a…

In our online grow shop you will find indoor grow kit, femininity marijuana seeds, extractors, fertilizers and boosters, hydroponic systems and many more products for good care of your crop. We are a grow shop online and cheap that has everything you need to grow marijuana easily and in a single click. In addition, we work with banks cannabis seeds of first quality such as Sweet Seeds, pioneers in the research and development of modern autoflowering varieties or Symbiotic Genetics, from the United States with varieties as recognized as PurplePunch.

The philosophy of Growlet, grow shop online, is based on the client, the only and main reason for our company's existence. Therefore, we work constantly day by day to offer our customers the best service and The best market prices. We have a multitude of products on offer to make growing cannabis easy and affordable. Besides being you online grow shop, we also have a physical store in Vigo where you will be welcome and you will be able to see and buy new products and tools to grow marijuana in the best possible way.

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