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In our online grow shop you will find indoor grow kit, femininity marijuana seeds, extractors, fertilizers and boosters, hydroponic systems and many more products for good care of your crop. We are a grow shop online and cheap that has everything you need to grow marijuana easily and in a single click. In addition, we work with banks cannabis seeds of first quality such as Sweet Seeds, pioneers in the research and development of modern autoflowering varieties or Symbiotic Genetics, from the United States with varieties as recognized as PurplePunch.

The philosophy of Growlet, grow shop online, is based on the client, the only and main reason for our company's existence. Therefore, we work constantly day by day to offer our customers the best service and The best market prices. We have a multitude of products on offer to make growing cannabis easy and affordable. Besides being you online grow shop, we also have a physical store in Vigo where you will be welcome and you will be able to see and buy new products and tools to grow marijuana in the best possible way.

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Online growshop with discounts for cannabis associations and smoking clubs

If you represent a cannabis association or smokers' club, we have great news for you.

Click on the image and discover how you can get the best prices and the best service for your club.

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LUXX 645 LED PRO by Luxx Lighting

The LUXX 645 LED PRO from Luxx Lighting is the LED lighting equipment that we have all been waiting for. And I'm not just saying this because of the great reviews we're hearing from growers across the pond who are already enjoying it. I say this because its price is the cheapest on the market for […]

Ethos Genetics Multipacks

Ethos Genetics multipacks have raised a lot of buzz among growers looking for the best strains in the world. This new collection of marijuana seeds from the United States contains authentic gems that can only be found in these multipacks. Some varieties are sold separately but others can only be found […]

Ethos Genetics Seeds

Ethos Genetics seeds are causing a stir both for their incredible THC percentages that reach over 30% as well as for their terrain profiles that offer us a palette of new and intense flavors. Ethos Genetics is a company based in the state of Colorado in the United States and its […]

Power Si the silicon that we all expected in Spain

Power Si Original is the product you are looking for if you are looking to improve the structure and production of your plants. It is different from other silicon available in the market because it works quickly and very well. Adding Silicon to your plants results in thicker and stronger branches as well as improving the transport of […]

Seed Junky Genetics Seeds

Seed Junky Genetics began in the early 2000s in a small garage in Southern California, where JBeezy's passion for growing and breeding cannabis began. As a hands-on grower, his relentless breeding and his search for interesting and different genetics led to the creation of Ice Cream Cake, Wedding […]

LEC lighting for indoor cultivation

LEC lighting is a technology that has been applied to indoor crops for a couple of years since its consumption is much lower than the current Sodium HPS lighting kits and its performance is higher. LEC lighting kits have some advantages that are making them all the rage […]