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Cookies Fam is today one of the best-known marijuana companies worldwide.

The visible head of this company is one of its founders, the famous American rapper Berner.

Berner (Gilbert Anthony Milan Jr.), born to a Mexican father and an Italian mother, began in the world of cannabis at the age of 18 as the manager of a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

Berner of Cookies Fam

Cookies was founded in 2012 by Berner and his partner Jigga (Jai Chang), an expert grower and breeder from the Bay Area.


Jigga: The Master Breeder of Cookies Fam

A quick search on "jigga" or "jigga weed" brings up a number of articles and forum threads on the identity and influence of master breeder and cultivator Jigga.

A LinkedIn profile features Jigga as Head of Genetics and Development for Cookies Fam, a formerly underground breeder group based in the Bay Area.

The legendary group consists of Jigga, Berner, Flux, Sherbinsky, Pieguy, Mike Mike, and other friends who are not as visible as other breeders on social media.

Some members met in high school through similar interests like graffiti and obviously smoking marijuana. Today, they are a network of friends who use organic farming practices to produce some of the best known varieties on the market.


Cookie Fam Jigga


Girl Scout Cookies: The Strain That Started It All

The origins of Girl Scout Cookies also known as Cookies or GSC is surrounded by mysteries and legends with several breeders (breeders) who claim their creation.

It is believed that it is a cross between Durban Poison, OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple, but the truth is that this variety does not have a well-defined genetics.

Cookie Fam has claimed that they are the true creators of this acclaimed genetics.

When this variety came out on the market it began to rise like foam and the fame of the dispensary that sold it grew without stopping.

We can say that this variety was a turning point in the quality of marijuana varieties that caused breeders to make much more of an effort to find new soil profiles for their varieties.

It was no longer enough to just look for the most productive (GSC is not exactly), it was necessary to enhance the flavors to infinity.

Jigga and Cookies Fam have presented other dessert flavored creations such as London Pound Cake, Cereal Milk, Pink Panties, Biscotti, Gelati, Cherry Pie, Gelato, and Life or Thin Mint.

The Gelato variety has striking purple hues with orange pistils that underline its dessert-leaning terpenes.

The cheekily named Pink Panties strain is another powerhouse strain in the Jigga marijuana repertoire that leaves users sedated and smooth.

The hybrid strain of Cookies indica is a cross between Gelato 25 and South Florida OG.

Jigga marijuana strains are particularly potent due to Jigga and Cookie Fam's expertise in pheno-hunting, the process of finding specific plants from a group that exhibit desired characteristics and superior genetics.



Berner, the tireless CEO

A few hours before the Santa Cruz show, Berner is engulfed on a plush sofa backstage. He seems relaxed as he scrolls through his social media feeds, but when he starts talking about the projects and business deals he has in the works, it becomes clear that his suave demeanor masks a workaholic and powerful CEO who has the look on his face. put on owning the cannabis industry.

“People may not realize it, but I take care of everything,” says Berner. “I run Vibes (rolling papers) and my own Instagrams, help with Cookies [stores], approve all clothing and packaging designs, develop marketing strategies, and work with breeders and store managers on sales and numbers. It's a crazy roller coaster ride right now."

Perhaps it's fitting that Berner began his music career as a freestyle, battle rapper who mixed wit and rhymes with all comers during his Bay Area high school years.

As you build your Cookie empire, you're taking the same approach to expanding your business, always improvising and looking for creative ways to beat the competition.

And it works for them, the queues when a Cookies store opens start the night before. Yes, as you hear it, there are people who spend a night outdoors waiting for the opening of their favorite store.


Cookies in full expansion

And this company does not stop.

This year they launched a clothing and accessories store in the city of Barcelona.

The pity was that the coronavirus crisis brought down the inauguration during the celebration of Spannabis 2020,

But they have gone a step further and have recently opened a smoking club in the city, currently considered the world capital of marijuana.







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